Are Traditional Braces Safe Compared to Aligners?

Traditional Braces Traditional braces are made of durable stainless steel. Metal brackets are carefully adhered to the front of each tooth, and an archwire runs along them, with colorful elastics holding it in place. As you progress through your treatment plan, your braces will be tightened, slowly moving the teeth into their new positions.

In recent years, clear aligners have become well-known for being a discreet, convenient option for straightening the teeth. Unfortunately, this has led many to believe that traditional braces are a thing of the past and are no longer safe. This could not be further from the truth. Discover the truth behind traditional braces and their safety for use in orthodontic offices.

Are Traditional Braces Safe?

Braces are made to be completely safe for correcting orthodontic issues. They are tested and FDA-approved. Further, a nickel-free alloy version of braces is available for patients allergic to nickel.

Benefits of Using Traditional Braces

Not only are traditional braces safe for use, they also pose several benefits for the patients who use them, including:

  • Correcting Complex Issues: For patients with complex orthodontic issues that clear aligners may not correct, traditional braces are effective enough to give them the results they desire.
  • Multiple Styles: Whether you’re interested in bright, bold colors or subtle, clear brackets, braces can suit your individual needs. Bryan Johnson Orthodontics offers gold braces and colored brackets for children and patients who love to make a statement. Clear ceramic brackets are great for adults and teens who want to keep their treatment discreet.
  • Fixed Appliance: Some patients enjoy the ability to remove their appliances when needed, but that doesn’t work for everyone. For children or patients who may struggle to remember to keep their aligners in, wearing traditional braces keeps them responsible and ensures their treatment progresses properly.

Every patient is different, which is why Bryan Johnson Orthodontics provides both clear aligners and the tried and true traditional braces–both of which are safe and effective.

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