5 Clear Aligners Myths Debunked

Dental,Invisible,Braces,,Beautiful,Smiling,Asian,Young,Woman,Holding,Invisalign Have you always wanted a straighter smile but were uncomfortable getting braces? Clear aligners may be the perfect solution. These orthodontic devices gradually straighten your smile. They’re clear, transparent teeth aligners that are molded from your teeth. They’re made of high-strength medical-grade plastic.

Multiple aligners are worn over the period of your treatment, which depends upon how much your teeth need to be straightened. Unfortunately, there are some myths about clear aligners and how they work. To alleviate any fears, here are the five clear aligners myths debunked.

Myth: Clear Aligners Aren’t Comfortable

Clear aligners do not have any metal coils, wires, brackets, springs, hooks, separators, or elastics involved. They do not apply the same pressure as traditional metal braces, and they are much more comfortable for most patients to wear.

Myth: You Can’t Remove Clear Aligners

Braces are worn permanently throughout the course of treatment, and while you do need to wear clear aligners for up to 22 hours a day, they are removable. You can take them out to eat and drink anything besides water, and they come out whenever you brush your teeth.

Myth: Clear Aligners Are Noticeable

Clear aligners are transparent and sit comfortably on your teeth. They are not noticeable when you smile by most people. Unlike braces, they blend into your teeth and create a natural-looking appearance as they gradually straighten your bite.

Myth: Clear Aligners Don’t Work as Well as Braces

A common misconception is that clear aligners don’t work as well as braces. They are a highly effective form of orthodontic treatment and can even reduce treatment times for many patients.

Myth: Older Patients Can’t Wear Clear Aligners

Another myth is that clear aligners are only for teenagers or younger adults. People of all ages can benefit from using these transparent, clear aligners. The focus is on correcting the orthodontic problem, not the patient’s age. So reach out to us whenever you’d like!

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