Why Are My Brackets Breaking?

Woman bites off red lollipop in the shape of heart Braces are a trusted tool that has helped millions of people get closer to achieving the smile of their dreams. However, wearing braces is a special responsibility and should be taken seriously at all costs. Caring for their intricate parts, including brackets, is an essential part of wearing braces. Sometimes, brackets can break off, despite our best efforts. But if brackets continue to break, it could indicate that changes must be made. Brian Johnson Orthodontics specializes in giving patients the tools they need throughout their journey with braces. If your brackets keep suffering damage, here are a few possible reasons and what you can do to lessen the chances of it happening again.

Rough Teeth Brushing

Some people believe brushing their teeth with force is a way to get them squeaky clean. However, brushing your teeth too vigorously can have several drawbacks, especially if you have braces. First, having too much force as you brush can damage your tooth enamel, the protective layer on your teeth that helps give them a pearly-white glow. Damaged enamel can harm your smile and make your once-glowing smile dimmer. Also, brushing your teeth too hard can damage your braces by making you break the brackets and rubber bands that hold them in place.


The foods you eat significantly affect how well your braces work or if you must make multiple trips to the orthodontist. If you’ve broken brackets multiple times and are sure you’ve been careful with your brushing habits, your diet is the next thing to examine. Eating hard and sticky foods can cause problems if you wear braces, so avoiding foods like these as much as possible is essential. If you wear braces, you must avoid foods such as

  • Nuts
  • Gum
  • Hard Candy
  • Raw fruits and Veggies

Although temporarily giving up a few of your favorite foods may hurt for a while, staying the course and eating the right foods can protect your braces from damage and help ensure they keep you on the track toward the smile of your dreams.

Sometimes, accidents happen, and brackets can break without warning. If you’ve experienced this, you must talk to a professional immediately. Our office specializes in many forms of orthodontic care, including helping with broken brackets. For more on how we can help, schedule an appointment at one of our 4 locations by calling us today at 503-362-9548.

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