The Importance Of Seeing An Orthodontist

Summer is finally drawing to its close, and that means kids all over the country are getting ready to buy their pencils, study up on their course books, and return to school for another year of learning and growth. But as you’re getting ready to make your back to school shopping list and prepare your child for the fun and excitement of the school year, there’s one important thing you may not be considering: seeing an orthodontist. Orthodontic evaluation and treatment is critical for most children to achieve a healthy smile, and as a premier orthodontist serving the Salem, Stayton, and Silverton areas, we at Bryan Johnson Orthodontics want to make sure you know why seeing an orthodontist is so critical for children.

Why Do Kids Need to See an Orthodontist?

Girl touching model teeth with braces

You probably know that healthy teeth are important for a beautiful smile and a healthy lifestyle, but keeping teeth healthy takes more than good oral hygiene and regular trips to the dentist. In addition to the health of the teeth themselves, it’s important for teeth to maintain a healthy alignment – as it turns out, the order of the teeth is just as important to their health as staying cavity free.

Misaligned teeth, also called malocclusions or “bad bites,” can have a range of adverse impacts on both the health of the mouth and the appearance of the smile. Crooked, poorly aligned teeth can do damage to a child’s self-esteem as they grow up, making it difficult for them to excel in social situations. Furthermore, the nooks and crannies of crooked teeth make perfect places for bacteria to hide and grow – so straightening teeth is an investment in their long-term health.

The only way to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile is to have your child see an orthodontist for an orthodontic evaluation. A trained, board-certified orthodontist like Dr. Bryan Johnson can spot problems even before they develop, helping your child achieve a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. And with the start of the school year approaching fast, now is the perfect time to schedule an orthodontic consultation!

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Orthodontic treatment is an important part of a child’s overall health, and there’s never been a better time to schedule a consultation for your child. You can use our easy online form to book an appointment for your child at our Salem, Silverton, or Stayton, OR office, and if you still have questions about orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping your child achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles, and we hope the coming school year holds plenty more smiles to come!

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