How To Care For Your Teeth With Braces On

Braces hygiene

woman wear brace and take different brush If you have braces on, you might be counting down the days until you are able to take them off. Although, for the time being, it is crucial to understand how to care for them to ensure proper hygiene and oral health. Brushing and flossing properly is essential to maintain your braces hygiene. In order to see results you can be proud of when it comes time to take your braces off, regular cleaning is needed. 

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Braces are notorious for trapping small food particles in and around the braces, which promotes the growth of bacteria and plaque. Braces can actually become a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque as the structure of the braces gives them a place to stick too. Brushing regularly can help limit the growth of bacteria and remove any stubborn plaque.

Choose The Right Toothbrush

One essential way to successfully combat plaque buildup and bacteria growth is by having the correct toothbrush needed to tackle the stubbornness that braces can present. Although you may think stiff bristles are the way to go when it comes to selecting a toothbrush, teeth and braces are much more delicate than you think.

A stiff bristled toothbrush can actually damage your braces, so opting for a more gentle option in soft-bristled toothbrushes is the way to go. Not only will they give you a happy and healthy smile, but they are also gentle on braces and teeth. A soft bristled toothbrush is also easier on your gums and can prevent gum damage. 

Choose The Right Toothpaste

After selecting the right toothbrush, it is important to also have the appropriate toothpaste that will clean your teeth and not damage your braces. One important thing to note is that it is best to avoid whitening toothpaste as this can lead to uneven whitening with braces on. Selecting a toothpaste with fluoride is best as it’ll help prevent cavities and improve and maintain your braces hygiene. 

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